Benefits of Singing Lessons for Adults

Welcome to a new mini-series of blog posts delving into the benefits of singing. Today's post looks at the Benefits of Singing Lessons for Adults. Look out for the Benefits of Singing Lessons for Children and the Benefits of Singing in a Choir.

It is well documented that singing is beneficial for our mental health and general well-being. Endorphins are released when we sing which should, in theory, make us happy. So let's go through a few simple reasons to take up singing lessons as an adult. 


Singing releases endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical created in the brain that give us that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Apparently there is a tiny organ in the ear called the sacculus which is activated by the frequencies created when we sing, it doesn't matter if you sing well or badly this little organ will still make you feel fabulous! 

Why go for singing lessons though? Surely if singing just makes us feel better we can do that at home or in the car or in the shower. 


Of course you can sing on your own with nobody listening (or judging) but it can be so thrilling to sing in front of people. It can feel good to feel a bit of adrenaline coursing through your veins and singing in front of a singing teacher can give you this feeling. It's scary but the deep sense of achievement you will feel afterwards makes it all worthwhile.  


Many people want to sing but many have traumatic memories of singing as child. Specifically being told they can't sing. I have heard stories of people being told to mime the words or being asked to leave the school choir because they were "ruining it for everyone else". Don't let this stop you now. Explain your concerns to any potential teacher and they will help you get over any hurdles. Singing teachers are not here to judge you or laugh at you. They want you to enjoy your singing. Singing teachers were put on this earth to make you feel better!


Perhaps you have never sung before and want to do something out of your comfort zone. Perhaps having a singing lesson is on your bucket list. Bite the bullet and do it. Even if you decide it's not for you at least you can say you gave it a go! One thing I would say is, unless you absolutely hate the experience, you should try going for two or three lessons before you decide to throw in the towel .


You may know you sing out of tune and you might feel like you will never be able to sing in tune. In the majority of cases this is not the case. A voice is like any other part of us, we have to train it to do something. You have to learn to knit, sew, cook, play tennis etc and singing is not really different. Most of us can sing in some way shape or form but a singing teacher and singing lessons will help you hone your skill and improve your ear so you can start to correct your pitch problems. 



Your singing teacher can't turn you into Beyonce or Pavarotti but they can help you make the most of the voice you have been given. Have you ever heard yourself speaking on a recording? Most of us hate the sound of our own voice but we can learn to love it. Most of us have a body part we hate but many of us also have something about ourselves that we love. Why not try to make your singing voice the thing you love about yourself!