Why are you even here?...actually there are many reasons.

So, as I prepare for the new term I thought I would write a little post about something that winds me up, but probably shouldn't. I love teaching, I really do (good job too as its all I do these days) but what really gets my goat is when people come for a lesson, on their own or as part of a group session, and won't sing out. I feel like screaming "why are you here?". I should point out this does not apply to those attending their first lesson. It is nerve wracking singing in front of someone you don't know for the first time and I totally get that, no, I refer to those who have been coming for lessons for a long time and still can't seem to open their mouths wide enough to shove a Malteaser in there.

I pride myself on being a confidence builder first and foremost. I like to coax a voice out of the nervous student and love watching them become more comfortable and confident and able to open their gob to finally let their voice out. Those are the students I love teaching. I have a pretty good record in my private 1-to-1 lessons of getting students to open up and sing with confidence the one area that frustrates me the most is group singing lessons, particularly with teenagers. 

I do find myself saying, sometimes out loud but most of the time in my head, "why are you here? Why do you come to sing when you won't sing loud enough for anyone to hear you?". The fact that they turn up every week means they are getting something from their lessons with me so I try not to push them but try to "trick" them into singing just a bit louder. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The simple fact is, people get there in their own time. I can't and won't make someone sing out when they aren't ready but I really hope I am there the day they do decide they are ready to move to the next level.

However, as we head towards the new term and, most importantly, The Songsations inaugural session  (12th Sept, click here for more information), I ask all students, old and new, to just go for it. Sing like no one is listening. There is nothing to fear and everything to gain. The endorphins released when you really sing are the best and totally addictive, in a good way, you don't need to go to rehab for a singing addiction. In sessions with me, nobody is judging you, nobody expects or wants you to fail. Even singing out of tune is fun! Although I will try to help you remedy this if tuning is a problem. Just use both lungs and go for it. If you have been thinking about having lessons or joining a group get in touch via the "Contact Me" section below and let's get started. What's the worst that can happen?