Don't keep me in the dark....your teacher needs to know!

So, over the years that I have been teaching I have had a lot of students who have come to me on a regular basis but I have also had a fair few who have come to me for one or two lessons to help them prepare for an audition/exam/karaoke spot and there is one thing about this that frustrates me. I never hear the outcome.

No matter how many times I say to a student I know I will (probably) never see again "please let me know how it goes" not one has ever got in contact to tell me. This could be for a variety of reasons: it went badly, they forget, they don't want to tell me, they have been traumatised by the whole experience and never want to think about it, they think I don't mean it plus a variety of other reasons. The fact of the matter is I am REALLY nosey and REALLY want to know.

It is one of the best parts of my job finding out if the work I have done with a student has paid off. I don't like to contact the student as I feel it is up to them to contact me if they want to tell me how things went. This, very short, post is simply to tell all you students of singing out there, your teacher is interested! Your teacher has invested time in you and is always curious to know how you got on so please don't forget them. Just send a quick text to tell them how you got on. I promise you will make their day!