Singing Stars of the World Unite!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to The Singing Stars. Here you will find all the details for how to start or continue your singing journey. My name is Claire and I am a singing teacher based in South Croydon. All the information about lessons can be found on the "Come Sing With Me!" page.

This is also the place where you can follow my own journey through teaching singing. I am an avid blogger (this is my 3rd blog and I have another ready to go). My friends are probably fed up to the back teeth of my incessant posting but I can't help myself.

Having started out as a performer I found myself teaching singing about 5 years ago in order to pay the bills but it has gradually become my main focus and I am constantly trying to better myself as a teacher and learning about new techniques to pass on to my ever growing list of students. I now teach singing at Cavat in South Croydon and Spotlites in Chatham as well as privately in South Croydon.

So this inaugural post is just to say hello. Have a look at the "Come Sing With Me!" page and let's start singing.