Still not sure if you want to come and sing with me? Here is what others have to say about what I do:

"I have been lucky enough to have Claire teach my daughter for the last seven years, since she was 8 (with a break when she was off with the Phantom!) It is amazing to hear how Charley’s voice has matured and improved with Claire’s expert help and wonderful to see and hear the results after various exams and music festival performances.
Claire has been a great teacher and friend to Charley, always prompt and bringing a smile. We appreciate her taking the time to attend many of the Festival performances, it is nice to have that extra bit of support.
We are looking forward to many more years under Claire’s tuition!!"


"Claire is a fantastic teacher. I'm a very nervous singer and the idea of singing in front of people makes me go weak at the knees. But after lessons with Claire, I felt prepared and ready to bridge that obstacle. Claire is calm, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable and I couldn't recommend her highly enough"


"I would recommend Claire as a singing teacher without hesitation. Claire has taught my two daughters singing for a while now. They are both at different levels of ability and have very different personalities. Claire is able to connect with both of them. She is always positive and calm, whilst ensuring that she gets the best from them by motivating them and building on their individual strengths. Her encouraging, supportive approach has built their self-esteem and confidence ensuring that they have both made excellent progress and thoroughly enjoy their lessons."


"I am more than happy to "sing" Claire's praises!"

"Right from the first lesson I did not feel inhibited at all, not one bit.  One thing that I like very much is that during the lesson Claire is open to you trying things out with your voice and seeing what works and what doesn’t.  Also, with Claire it’s not just about opening your mouth and letting the notes fly out, she makes you stop and think about what you’re singing and how you’re singing it.  Throughout the duration of my time with Claire her focus is solely on me and she does not have any disturbances like a phone going off or any other distractions, (we’ve all been there and know how annoying that can be); she’s aware that that time is your time.